dWallet Frequently Questions

:grey_question: What is a dWallet?

dWallets are Web3 building blocks designed for multi-chain interoperability. They are noncollusive, massively decentralized, programmable and transferable signing mechanism with an address on any other blockchain, that can sign transactions to those networks. Read more here: dWallets | dWallet Docs

:grey_question: What is the dWallet network?

dWallet Network is a composable modular signature network that is the home of dWallets. The dWallet Network empowers builders on L1s and L2s to add secure and native multi-chain interoperability to any smart contract. Read more here: Introducing the dWallet Network: Composable Modular Signature Network with Noncollusive & Massively Decentralized dWallets - dWallet Network - Blog

:grey_question: What stage of development is dWallet Network in?

The dWallet Network is currently in Alpha Testnet. Stay tuned for updates on our progress and roadmap. Read more here: https://x.com/omersadika/status/1760736045233230320?s=20

:grey_question: Who is the team behind dWallet?

dWallet Labs is heading the research and development efforts behind the dWallet Network, the first composable modular signature network. The team possesses deep knowledge and expertise in cybersecurity, cryptography and blockchain technology and includes world-renowned researchers and practitioners. Learn more here: https://dwalletlabs.com/

:grey_question: Where can I find information about the tokenomics of dWallet Network?

A full tokenomics plan will be published soon. An initial plan regarding token distribution was published here: dWallet Network Token Allocation - dWallet Network - Blog

:grey_question: What is “Composable Modularity”?

Composable modularity extends the concept of modularity beyond basic network functions to include a range of powerful capabilities that can be added to both monolithic and modular designs, involving specialized networks designed to enable specific functionalities on other L1 and L2 platforms, hence the term “Composable Modular” networks. For example - Chainlink is a composable modular oracle network, and dWallet Network is a composable modular signature network. Learn more here: Composable Modularity: Moving Beyond the Monolithic vs. Modular Blockchain Debate - dWallet Network - Blog

:grey_question: What is 2PC-MPC?

The 2PC-MPC protocol is a novel MPC protocol designed specifically for dWallets and the dWallet Network. It is the key enabler of noncollusive and massively decentralized Learn more here: Announcing the 2PC-MPC Paper - dWallet Network - Blog

:grey_question: Where can I read research papers written by the dWallet Labs team?

Our team is blessed with many accomplished researchers who published a lot of meaningful research outside of dWallet Labs. Specifically within dWallet Labs we published 2 research papers so far:
Tiresias : Tiresias: Large Scale, Maliciously Secure Threshold Paillier
2PC-MPC : 2PC-MPC: Emulating Two Party ECDSA in Large-Scale MPC

:grey_question: How can I provide technical feedback or participate in developer discussion?

Depending on context, you can use Discord or Github Issues.

:grey_question: Incentivized Testnet

Right now validators can apply to run nodes in our incentivized tesnet(s) using this link: Apply for dWallet Network Incentivized Testnets Participation of users beyond validators will be enabled soon, we will make sure to update on Discord, so stay tuned.

:grey_question: Will you have an ambassador program?

That’s in the plans for the future, stay tuned.

:grey_question: Wen mainnet?

Soon fren.

:grey_question: I want to develop with dWallets. How can I apply for a grant?

More information on that coming soon! In the meantime, please explore our Github

:grey_question: Is there a bug bounty program?

We are avid advocates of bug bounty programs, and we will soon launch one ourselves.

:grey_question: Will there be an airdrop?

We don’t have any concrete plans for airdrops quite yet, we’ll be sure to share those with our community if and when we do.